Description - This api updated ACK number for the forms associated with specified shipmentIds. If any forms associated with shipment ids fails. Seller should go yo government postal and fill the form manually and update the ACK number using this api.

Request and Response Parameters



Request Body Parameters

Parameter/Attribute Type Requirement Description
shipments List of shipments Mandatory List of shipmentIds with form ACK update
shipmentId String Mandatory Primary identifier for a specific shipment.
forms List of forms Mandatory List of forms associated with the shipmentId
forms. name String Mandatory Name associated with the shipment.
forms. ackNumber String Mandatory ACK number got from government portal for particular for filled manually.


shipmentId, Forms Name and Acknowledgement number are mandatory

Response Body Parameters

Parameter/Attribute Type Description
shipments. shipmentId String Primary identifier for a specific shipment.
shipments. processingStatus String SUCCESS or FAILURE
shipments. errorCode String Error code for any error
shipments. errorMessage String Error message

Possible Error Response Codes

Error Codes Reason for Error
DEPENDENT_SYSTEM_CALL_FAILED Error in updating ACK for the shipment