Description - The Shipment Cancel API enables the seller to cancel order items inside shipment that may already have been approved by the Flipkart Marketplace.

Request and Response Parameters



Request Body Parameter

Parameter/Attribute Type Requirement Description
shipments List of Shipments Mandatory List of shipments which should be cancelled
shipments. shipmentId String Mandatory Primary identifier for a specific shipment.
shipments. locationId String Mandatory Id which refers to seller’s dispatch location
shipments. cancellationGroupIds String Mandatory Refers to the group of order items which will be cancelled.
shipments. reason String Mandatory Sub reason chosen for cancellation. cancellation should be one of the below(cannot_procure_item, not_enough_inventory, b2b_order)


Shipment Id, Cancellation Groups and Reason are mandatory.
Reason should be one of the specified reasons. I.E ``cannot_procure_item`` ,``not_enough_inventory`` and ``b2b_order``

Response Body Parameters

Parameter/Attribute Type Description
shipments. shipmentId String Primary identifier for a specific shipment.
shipments. processingStatus String SUCCESS or FAILURE
shipments. errorCode String Error code for any error
shipments. errorMessage String Error message

Possible Error Response Codes

Error Codes Reason for Error
EMPTY_OR_INVALID_REASON_FOR_CANCELLATION Cancellation reason is empty or invalid