Description - The Label Generation API (also known as the Pack API) generates invoice and shipping labels for the shipment ids and marks shipments as packed. It takes the invoice details in the request as input. If the orderItemId requires a serial number or IMEI number (also known as serialized product), that input is also required when calling this API.

Request and Response Parameters



Request Body Parameter

Parameter/Attribute Type Requirement Description
shipments List of shipments Mandatory List of shipment ids for pack
shipmentId String Mandatory Unique number that identifies the shipment.
locationId String Mandatory Id which refers to seller’s dispatch location.
taxItems List of tax items Mandatory List of taxable items
taxItems. orderItemId String Mandatory The orderItemId of the primary shipment Item.
taxItems. taxRate Numeric Mandatory Tax Rate for the Item
taxItems. quantity Numeric Mandatory Quantity of items to be shipped.
serialNumbers List of serial numbers Mandatory only if item is serialized Serial number array for serialized products
serialNumbers. orderItemId String Mandatory orderItemId for which serial number is being input
serialNumbers. serialNumbers List<List<String>> Mandatory serialNumbers for the given order item id
subShipments List of sub shipments Mandatory List of subShipments associated with the shipment
subShipments. subShipment String Mandatory Primary identifier for a specific sub shipment.
subShipments. dimensions. length Float Mandatory Length of the sub-shipment
subShipments. dimensions. breadth Float Mandatory Breadth of the sub-shipment
subShipments. dimensions. height Float Mandatory Height of the sub-shipment
subShipments. dimensions. width Float Mandatory Width of the sub-shipment
invoices List of invoice details Mandatory Invoice details for the shipment
invoices. orderId String Mandatory Order id to which particular order item is associated.
invoices. invoiceNumber String Optional If the seller has not opted for auto invoicing, then this field is mandatory.


ShipmentId and Sub Shipment Id is mandatory.
Order Item id is mandatory.
Dimensions are mandatory and should be a positive value.

Response Body Parameters

Parameter/Attribute Type Description
shipments. shipmentId String Primary identifier for a specific shipment.
shipments. processingStatus String SUCCESS or FAILURE
shipments. errorCode String Error code for any error
shipments. errorMessage String Error message
Error Codes Reason for Error
FF_ITEM_ON_HOLD Error if shipment is on hold
FF_INVALID_PACK_REQUEST If all the order items inside shipment are not in approved state
FF_INCOMPLETE_SHIPMENT_DIMENSIONS Invalid dimensions given for particular sub shipment
SERVICIBILITY_NOT_ALLOWED Serviceability not allowed from seller location to buyer location
FF_PACK_TIN_NOT_FOUND Seller TIN number not found
FF_PACK_INVALID_DISPATCH_AFTER_DATE Dispatch After Date is greater than current time of pack
FF_PACK_OPERATION_NOT_AUTHORISED Seller not authorised for packing the shipment
FF_PACK_INVALID_IMEI Invalid IMEI number given for any serialised products