GET /v3/shipments/{shipmentIds}/invoices

Description - The Shipment invoice API prints invoice for packed shipments. It gives pdf document if content type is application/pdf and gives json response if content type is application/json.

Request and Response Parameters



Request Header Parameters

Path Parameter Requirement Description
shipmentIds Mandatory Gives invoice details for shipmentIds

Response Body Parameters

Parameter/Attribute Type Content type Description
Invoice PDF PDFstream application/pdf Success - set of invoice pdf files else error.
invoices Json object of invoice details application/json Gives invoice details in json format
invoices. shipmentId String application/json Primary identifier for a specific shipment.
invoices. invoiceDate ISO Date application/json Date of invoice creation
invoices. InvoiceNumber String application/json Invoice number generated for that particular shipment
invoice. orderItems List of order items application/json List order item in one invoice
invoice. orderItems. orderItemId String application/json Order item id belonging to shipment
invoice. orderItems. invoiceAmount Float application/json Invoice amount for that order item id
invoice. orderItems. serialNumbers List of serial numbers application/json Serial numbers mentioned in invoice(Only for serialized products)
invoice. orderItems. TaxDetails GST Tax details application/json GST tax details object
invoice. orderItems. TaxDetails. cgstRate Float application/json CGST tax rate
invoice. orderItems. TaxDetails. sgstRate Float application/json SGST tax rate
invoice. orderItems. TaxDetails. igstRate Float application/json IGST tax rate


shipmentIds: should be a valid shipment ids for this seller

Possible Error Response Codes

Error Codes Reason for Error
DEPENDENT_SYSTEM_CALL_FAILED Error in getting invoice for the shipment
INVALID_SHIPMENTS Invalid shipment Ids passed
OPERATION_NOT_ALLOWED Shipment ids does not belong to seller