Description - The Get by ShipmentIds API gets the shipment detail by orderItemId. It returns the shipmentDetails with the specified orderItemId and all its sub shipments and packages.

Request and Response Parameters



Request Header Parameters

Parameter Requirement Description
orderItemIds Mandatory Comma separated order item ids

Response Body Parameters

Parameter/Attribute Type Description
shipmentId String Primary identifier for a specific shipment.
dispatchByDate ISO String Date by which the order items needs to be dispatched by the seller
dispatchAfterDate ISO String Date after which the order items needs to be processed by the seller
updatedAt ISO String Timestamp of the last update for a particular order item
hold Boolean Flag True or False for Shipment Verification Process.
locationId String Id which refers to seller’s dispatch location
orderItems List Comma separated list of Order Items
orderItems. fsn String Flipkart Serial Number that identifies the order item.
orderItems. quantity Number Number of units of the item ordered.
orderItems. orderId String System generated orderId for an order within a shipment.
orderItems. orderItemId String System generated id for an item within an order.
orderItems. listingId String Product Listing Id
orderItems. sku String Seller’s store keeping unit where the item is available
orderItems. cancellationGroupId String Refers to the group of order items which will be cancelled.
orderItems. isReplacement Boolean True or False indicating if the order item replaces another order item.
orderItems. priceComponents. sellingPrice Float Product price listed by the seller. This value can be less than or equal to the MRP.
orderItems. priceComponents. totalPrice Float The price paid by the customer for this order item (customerPrice``+ ``shippingCharge)
orderItems. priceComponents. shippingCharge Float Fees charged for this order item of shipment.
orderItems. priceComponents. customerPrice Float The price at which buyer bought the order item from the Website (sellingPrice- promotionDiscount)
orderItems. priceComponents. emi Float EMI component for a particular order item id
orderItems. priceComponents. flipkartDiscount Float Flipkart discount for the particular order item id
orderItems. orderDate ISO String Date on which the order is placed.
orderItems. cancellationDate ISO String Date when the order item is cancelled.
orderItems. cancellationReason String Reason for the cancellation
orderItems. cancellationSubReason String Sub reason chosen for cancellation. In case of seller cancellation below are the valid sub reason(cannot_procure_item,not_enough_inventory,b2b_order)
orderItems. courierReturn boolean True or False indicating if courier return created for the order item.
orderItems. packageIds List<String> List of packages to which the order item is associated
forms List<Forms> List of forms associated with the shipment
forms. name String Name of the for associated with the shipment.
forms. link String Link to the Government portal for where particular form can be generated.
forms. automated boolean True or False indicating Flipkart generated form for the mentioned form.
forms. status String Indicates status of form generation. Status can be one of the below (NOT-CREATED, IN-PROGRESS, COMPLETED and FAILED)
subShipments List List of sub shipments associated with a shipment
subShipments. subShipmentId String Primary identifier for a specific sub shipment.
subShipments. packages List List of packages inside one sub shipment
subShipments. packageId String Primary identifier for a specific package
subShipments. quantity Integer Quantity of sub shipments
subShipments. packageTitle String Title of the package
subShipments. packageSku String SKU of the package


orderItemIds: should be valid order item ids for this seller

Possible Error Response Codes

Error Codes Reason for Error
DEPENDENT_SYSTEM_CALL_FAILED Error in getting forms for the shipment