POST /orders/dispatch

Description - The Dispatch Orders API marks order items as “Ready to Dispatch” and communicates to the logistics partners that the order is ready for pick up.

Request and Response Parameters



Request Body Parameters: orderItems

Parameter Type Requirement Description
orderItemId String Mandatory The orderItemId to be marked as “Ready to dispatch”
quantity Numeric Mandatory Number of units of the orderItem to be dispatched

Possible Response Error Codes

Error Code Reason for error
INVALID_ITEM_ID The orderItemId passed in the request header does not exist
INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR Server error (5xx) encountered when generating labels
QUANTITY_MISMATCH_ERROR The item quantity in the request did not match with the actual quantity
ORDER_ITEM_ALREADY_DISPATCHED Cannot mark a dispatched order item as “Ready to Dispatch”
ORDER_ITEM_ALREADY_CANCELLED Cannot mark a cancelled order item as “Ready to Dispatch”
ORDER_ITEM_NOT_PACKED Cannot mark an order item that is not packed as “Ready to Dispatch”